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Trading the FX markets with a trusted broker can sometimes prove to be the marginal difference between winning and losing. A trader is only as good as his/her trading partner, as the prospect of withdrawing earnings depends on the broker’s withdrawal policies.

In this regard, Plus500 is one of the very few names in the market that have consistently outperformed the traders’ expectations, as they are considered to be highly reliable and trustworthy when it comes to processing clients’ withdrawals on time. The company is also listed on the London Stock Exchange, which increases the security aspect for its clients. Naturally, it is only normal for traders to be curious about the promotions, rewards and forex bonus potential of the company, in order to use a wide variety of excellent products on offer.

Perhaps it may come as a disappointment for many to realize that there aren’t any substantial Plus500 promotions for deposits or trading. A part of the reliability and trust of the broker comes from its regulatory compliance, which can, in turn, prove to be a major hindrance for bonuses. As a result, the broker’s EU and UK operations are entirely devoid of any promotional programs, which can be a setback for traders from these regions. However, the broker does offer a few Plus500 bonuses through its international brokerages, namely in Australia, South Africa and the Asia-Pacific, where traders can expect a reasonable incentive for signing up with Plus 500.

In our detailed Plus500 promotions review, you will be offered all the latest information about the different bonus codes, rewards and offers that are provided by the company. We will also provide a few essential details on the terms and conditions of the various promotions since it is imperative to comply with the T&C to ensure the safety of your funds.

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10%-30% Bonus
Up to
Platforms & Mobile
Plus500 uses a proprietary web-based interface for desktop trading. The same interface is also available as dedicated trading apps for iOS and Android devices.
Regulation & License
The company is regulated by the CySEC of Cyprus, the FCA of the UK, the ASIC of Australia, the FMA of New Zealand, the FSCA of South Africa and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
Min. Deposit & Leverage
The bonus program starts with a minimum deposit requirement of $300, but you can start trading with a lower initial deposit of just $100.
Funding Options
The company has incorporated all the usual funding methods, such as bank wire transfer, Skrill, PayPal, Visa/Mastercard and other online payment options.
Customer Care
Traders can access the 24/7 support team either through the web chat or send in a detailed e-mail to their official e-mail address. The broker also provides a WhatsApp phone number for instant communication.

A Comprehensive Evaluation of Plus500 Bonuses

Plus500 provides many diffrent bonuses

Plus500 promotions are highly subjective since they are dependent on the regulatory restrictions and the region where the broker is located. They have different brokerages that are registered in the UK, Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore. With a global presence, they can cater to some of the most diverse range of traders from different parts of the world, but some countries are put on a restrictive list.

The United States is one of the few countries, where traders are unable to open a Plus500 account. The broker has a detailed list of restricted countries for traders’ reference, or you can contact the customer service department, who can point you to the right Plus500 brokerage that can accommodate your trading needs.

There are two different Plus500 divisions that offer free money to traders, the Australian and the South African versions of the brokerages. Therefore, in our Plus500 bonus review, we have covered the bonuses that were listed denominations of Australian Dollars and South African Rand as the base currencies. Nevertheless, we have rounded up a list of the current Plus500 offers that are available to traders:

Plus500 Deposit Bonus

The company does provide a first deposit bonus to its clients, which can range from 10% to 30%, depending on the deposit amount and the location. The broker has also formulated a tier system, where different tiers are assigned a specific bonus code. The codes are divided into six individual categories, such as the Welcome, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond categories. Traders are required to enter the bonus code at the time of deposit to avail of the offer, so you must remember to enter the code while making the payment.

Minimum Deposit Bonus Amount Required TPoints Bonus Code
AU$300 AU$80 80 Welcome
AU$750 AU$200 150 BRONZE
AU$1,500 AU$300 200 SILVER
AU$7,500 AU$1,500 1000 GOLD
AU$15,000 AU$3,000 2500 PLATINUM
AU$75,000 AU$15,000 10000 DIAMOND
AU$400 AU$110 75 **

Unlike a conventional bonus system, the deposit bonus percentage at Plus500 goes down as we go up the categories. The Welcome bonus offers around 27-28% in free credits, or in other words, a $300 minimum deposit will earn you around $80 (in Australian Dollars). In the South African version of the brokerage, an R 3,000 minimum deposit will offer traders a bonus amount of R 850, which is slightly higher in percentage terms. The next tier is the Bronze bonus code, which offers $200 for a minimum deposit of $750, which is around 27%, but the South African website only offers an R 1,000 bonus for an R 7,500 minimum deposit, which equates to approximately 13%.

Minimum Deposit Bonus Amount Required TPoints Bonus Code
R 3,000 R 850 80 Welcome
R 7,500 R 1000 150 BRONZE
R 15,000 R 1,600 200 SILVER
R 75,000 R 8,000 1000 GOLD
R 150,0100 R 20,000 2500 PLATINUM
R 750,000 R 70,000 10000 DIAMOND
R 4,000 R 1,000 75 **

The Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond tiers are more or less similar in terms of the bonus percentage, with the Australian version offering up to 20% in free trading credits. In contrast, the South African version offers around 10-13% on the deposit amount. The Silver bonus at the AU brokerage offers a bonus of $300 for a $1,500 deposit, while the bonus amount for the Gold tier is $1,500 for a deposit of $7,500. The same codes at the South African brokerage will offer a bonus of R 1,600 on an R 15,000 deposit for the Silver bonus, with the Gold bonus offering an R 8,000 bonus for an R 75,000 minimum deposit.

The higher Platinum and Diamond categories are designed for more substantial deposits. The Platinum bonus package for clients trading on the Australian brokerage offers a free trading credit of $3,000 for a $15,000 deposit, while the Diamond code offers a maximum of $15,000 for a $75,000 deposit. The same levels at the South African brokerage offer significantly lesser credits, with the Platinum tier offering R 20,000 for R 150,000 and the Diamond tier offering R 70,000 for R 750,000 deposits.

All free trading credits offered under this program are subject to specific terms and conditions. The bonus is withdrawable, provided, the trader accumulates a minimum Trader Points (TP) that corresponds to the Plus500 offer code. The minimum TP for the Welcome offer is 80 points, which moves up to 150 and 200 for Bronze and Silver categories.

The Gold, Platinum and Diamond categories have even higher TP requirements, with the minimum being 1000, 2500, and 10,000 TP, respectively. Of course, traders must accumulate the minimum TP within 90 days of the bonus amount being credited, or the free trading credits will be removed. The TP is calculated according to the instrument and the size of the lot traded and you can find the details of individual TP for each instrument through their website.

Plus500 Rebates

All traders are automatically entered into the broker’s rebate program within 12 days of making their first deposit. You don’t have to sign up for any additional program, as the platform automatically calculates your trading volumes and assigns rebate points according to your account parameters. The accumulated rebate points can be redeemed at the end of each week by collecting the bonus through the account dashboard. The bonus money will be added as trading credits and will have the same conditions as a regular bonus program.

Plus500 Affiliate Program

The +500Affiliates program is one of the best in the industry

The broker does not have any general referral program, but affiliate marketers and even regular traders can take advantage of the high-paying affiliate program to earn an extra income. The +500Affiliates program is considered as one of the best in the industry, as the CPA can reach as high as $800, which is more than double of what is being offered by other mainstream brokers.

Of course, you will have to register for a separate affiliate account, which will be kept segregated from your trading account. However, the broker does provide a lot of assistance to ensure that its affiliate programs are successful. You can also transfer your affiliate income to your trading account and then use it as your trading capital with no restrictions. The affiliate program is available for all traders, as there are no regulatory restrictions as far as affiliate promotions are concerned.

Plus500 Bonus Terms & Conditions

Plus 500 has stipulated a set of trading conditions that are relatable to the terms and conditions that are set by other leading Forex brokers in the market, such as XM, HYCM, Alpari, FXTM. We would always like to point out to our readers that complying with the terms and conditions are absolutely critical to the safety of your trading capital. Here are some of the terms that are associated with the Plus 500 offers:

  • Traders have to choose the promotion code that is relevant to their deposit and make the deposit accordingly.
  • Eligibility for a bonus is determined by the broker and they will send you a message via email or your account dashboard regarding the available promotions.
  • Bonus credits are withdrawable, but you must satisfy the minimum trading requirements.
  • TP (Trader Points) corresponding to the offer code are strictly enforced. Traders must accumulate the required TP within 90 days, or the bonuses will expire.
  • Only one promotion is available per household, which means that related persons residing in the same house cannot opt for multiple promotions.
  • Traders can opt-out of any promotion by contacting their account manager or the customer service department. However, you cannot forgo the bonus if you have already redeemed the trading credits and have placed a trade using the trading credits.
  • As always, the company has the final word on any conflicts or issues that are associated with any kind of Plus500 rewards or offers.

Plus500 Promotions FAQ

Does Plus500 offer a No Deposit Bonus?
No, there isn’t any No Deposit bonus on offer.
Is the Deposit Bonus withdrawable?
Yes, provided the trader accumulates the minimum required TP within 90 days of the bonus being issued.
Does the company offer rebates or cashbacks?
Yes, the company offers rebates on trades, which can be redeemed as bonuses every week.
Can I Opt-Out of any promotions or offers?
Yes, you can opt-out of the promotions by contacting the customer support team.
Is the Affiliate program open to all traders?
Yes, anyone can join the affiliate program, but you have to accept the 500Affiliates T&C.

Plus500 Bonuses – Is the Broker a Reliable Choice?

The broker is, by all means, the best pick of the current lot of Forex brokers, even if they don’t have a generous promotional campaign to attract traders. The regulatory obligations do play a crucial part in the promotional strategies, but the broker does have other branches that offer excellent rewards for its clients’ deposits.

The company is also known to introduce several rewards, benefits and client-specific promotions throughout the year. Such promos and individual offers are sent to traders via email, or they are alerted via their personal account dashboard. After all, it is really the security and reliability aspect of the broker that attracts traders to it in the first place, and we would only consider the availability of bonuses to be a supplemental advantage.

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