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Alpari is a Forex broker that has been operating in the industry for over 22 years. Over the years, they have been successful in attuning their services to suit the trends in the market. Although the broker has been subject to numerous controversies and insolvency issues in several markets, they are generally considered to be more reliable than most of the brokers that have arrived and departed from the industry.

Unlike some of the company’s immediate peers, Alpari is not restricted from offering any forex bonus offers. The primary reason for the company’s freedom lies in its regulatory status, as the broker is only regulated by the Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius. Despite this, the company hasn’t committed itself to any massive bonus programs, which certainly left us puzzled.

Upon more in-depth inspection, we found that the company is currently owned by Exinity Limited, which owns several other Forex properties, such as FXTM. Exinity Limited’s promotional policies are not entirely based on bonus programs, which implies that the company is quite apprehensive about offering any massive rewards for signing up.

In this Alpari bonus review, we will cover several intrinsic details of the Alpari promotional programs and the rewards that are currently available to traders. We will also attempt to provide the most accurate representation of the Alpari bonus terms and conditions so that you can sign up for an offer without worrying about the safety of your capital.

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30% Welcome Bonus
Up to
Platforms & Mobile
The broker supports both dealing desk and ECN accounts through its brokerage, which are available through the MetaTrader4 and the MetaTrader5 platforms.
Regulation & License
Alpari used to be a highly regulated FX broker, but due to several insolvency and legal issues, the broker is now only licensed by the FSC of the Republic of Mauritius.
Min. Deposit & Leverage
Traders can open an account with as little as $5, but the minimum deposit for the bonus is $100. Traders can also make use of high leverage, to the tune of 1:1000.
Funding Options
Payments are made possible through conventional funding methods, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfer.
Customer Care
The customer service team is available through the international helpline, which includes a live chat through a webchat form or Telegram. Traders can also contact the team through e-mail and phone for detailed assistance.

Alpari Promotional Programs & Offers Available to Traders

Alpari used to be among the most regulated brokers in the market, with regulatory licenses issued by the CySEC and the FCA of the UK. However, due to several insolvency issues and other regulatory concerns, the broker is currently only regulated by the FSC of the Republic of Mauritius (license number: C113012295 Code SEC-2.1B). However, despite the lax regulatory requirements, the broker hasn’t tried to capitalize on an elaborate bonus offer, which puts the broker at a disadvantage. Here are some of the main offers that are currently offered to Alpari traders:

30% Alpari Deposit Bonus

Alpari is promoting a very impressive deposit bonus for its new traders

The broker is currently promoting a 30% deposit bonus for its new traders, which is available for a minimum deposit of $100. In effect, traders are eligible for a maximum bonus amount of $100 at the moment, which means you should deposit at least $334 to receive the full $100 bonus. The maximum deposit bonus amount was higher during the initial stages of the promotions, where traders were eligible for up to $300 free trading credits. However, the broker does keep rotating its promotional policies, which means that the deposit bonus percentages and the maximum trading credits can vary significantly from season to season.

There are several trading terms that traders must conform to in order to be eligible for the promotions. As we previously mentioned, the deposit bonus is only available for new clients and their first deposit only. The promotion does not apply to subsequent deposits, which means that you should redeem the free trading credits from your first deposit itself.

Once credited, traders must complete a minimum of (bonus amount * 0.2) number of lots within 30 days, failing which, the bonus will be reversed. For example, if the bonus amount is $100, traders will have to complete (100*0.2) 20 lots within 30 days to be eligible for a withdrawal. The minimum trade duration is set at 5 minutes, which means only trades that are held for more than 5 minutes will be counted towards the minimum trading requirements.

If a withdrawal is initiated before the conditions are satisfied, or if such a withdrawal contravenes with any other promotions T&C, the entire bonus amount will be reversed. The Alpari deposit bonus and related promotions are provided at the discretion of the company, as it reserves the right to issue or cancel the free credits for any reason that it may deem appropriate.

Alpari Loyalty Program

Alpari’s most recent customers are offered the chance to take part in the company’s Loyalty Program, where traders can earn cashbacks depending on their trading level. The cashback feature is similar to Exinity Limited’s other Forex brokerages and is designed to reward traders for their loyalty with Alpari. The most basic level traders, known as Level 1 traders, can earn a rebate of up to $2.60 per lot and a maximum of $500. The Level 1 is reserved for deposits from $1 to $15,000, and for the number of lots traded from 1 to 30.

More advanced level traders can earn higher rebates. For instance, the Level 2 traders, who have deposited anywhere from $15,001 to $30,000 and trade a minimum of 60 lots, can earn a cashback of $3.6 per lot for a maximum of $1,500. The cashback amount increases to $4.6 per lot for Level 3 traders and a maximum of $3,000, who will have to deposit up to $60,000 and trade at least 120 lots within the calculated period.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Net Deposit(s) From $ 1
up to $15.000
From $15.001
up to $30.000
From $30.001
up to $60.000
From $60.001
up to $120.000
Above $120.001
Rebate (cashback) per
full completed lot
$2 below $3 $4 $5 $6
Frequency of the Rebate transfer(s)
to Client’s Account
Monday(s) following the
Lots Calculation Period
Monday(s) following the
Lots Calculation Period
Monday(s) following the
Lots Calculation Period
Monday(s) following the
Lots Calculation Period
Monday(s) following the
Lots Calculation Period
Maximum Payout $500 $1,500 $3,000 $5,000 $10,000
Upgrade or Downgrade
Automatically Automatically Automatically Automatically Manually

The rebate is fixed at $5.60 for Level 4 and Level 5 traders, but maximum payouts are $5,000 and $10,000, respectively. The minimum number of lots for Level 4 is from 120 to 200, while the minimum deposit is from $60,001 to $120,000. Level 5 is the pinnacle of the loyalty program, with a minimum deposit of $12,001 and a minimum number of lots traded pegged at above 200 lots.

There aren’t any other stringent trading conditions to accumulate the loyalty points and the subsequent cashbacks, but trades must be live for at least 5 minutes to be counted towards the program. However, we do feel that the lower levels are more manageable, simply because the number of lots to be traded and the minimum investment are on the smaller side.

Alpari Referral Program

Exinity has the same refer-a-friend program for all of its Forex websites, which includes a $50 referral bonus for every qualified referral. Traders can earn up to $10,000 by providing their associates, friends, relatives, or colleagues with the alpari referral code, but this program has several conditions. First of all, traders are expected to have a verified trading account and must have traded a few lots with their brokerage account. Second, the referrals must be related to the trader in some form, in the sense that they cannot be strangers.

Refer a Friend to Alapari and get your bonus money

The referrals who have opened an account through the referral link must verify their account, invest the minimum deposit into their account, and complete ten standard lots with a minimum trade duration of five minutes. The Alpari refer-a-friend bonus will only be paid to the referrer if all the above conditions are satisfied. Nevertheless, you will be paid out a cool cash bonus if you can manage to refer a few known people to the broker’s platform. All referral bonuses are paid out a month after a successful referral is recorded, so you should account for it while planning your finances.

Alpari Contests

Alpari used to host several interesting contests until recently, where the prize money often reached a total of $100,000. Alpari was the first to capitalize on new technologies and trending themes, such as the Trader Wars contest, the Formula FX, and the Virtual Reality contests witnessed several interesting tournaments for the traders. However, the company’s rough times of late had forced the management to retract on some of the contests and similar promotions, which can be seen as a missed opportunity for many traders. Nevertheless, the broker has promised to launch several real and demo contests for its users, and we will keep you updated as and when they are launched.

Terms, Policies & Conditions of Alpari Offers

Exinity has developed a standard set of terms and conditions for all of its online Forex brokerages, including Alpari. While Alpari operates in an entirely different way to the time when they were under their previous management, all former and present clients are required to accept and agree to the new terms and conditions as and when they are altered. Here are some of the most critical terms that are a part of the Alpari promotions:

  • The broker requires every user to verify their identities to take part in any rewards or promotional programs.
  • Offers are only valid for traders who deposit the minimum required amount into their trading accounts.
  • There is a minimum trading requirement for each offer, including a five-minute minimum requirement for every trade.
  • The actual bonus amount can change as per the changing policies of the broker.
  • Traders cannot withdraw their bonuses without satisfying the minimum trading requirements. Placing a withdrawal request without completing the minimum conditions can be grounds for the bonus to be erased.
  • The offers, rewards, contests, and other promotions will not remain the same throughout the year, as it will vary seasonally.

Alpari Bonuses FAQ

What is the Minimum Deposit for a bonus?
The minimum deposit for opening an account is $5, but you will have to deposit at least $100 for a bonus.
Is there an Alpari referral code?
Yes, you can refer your close ones or acquaintances to sign up for an Alpari account and receive $50 in the process.
Is the Alpari promotion available to all traders?
No, the broker reserves the right to offer its promotions to traders only from select countries.
Can I be a part of the Loyalty Program?
Yes, you can earn cashbacks and rebates through the loyalty program, but you must follow the terms and conditions.
Is there any limit to the bonuses?
Yes, there is a limit to the bonuses and bonus amount, which will be mentioned in the offer and its T&C.

Is the Alpari Bonus Sufficient for New Traders?

Alpari can be considered as a seasoned Forex broker, but one that is marred by several legal issues that have affected its overall image in the market. The broker claims that more than 2 million traders are still using its brokerage from around the world, but the bonus program leaves a lot to be desired.

While we do relate with the helplessness of regulated brokers regarding their regulatory compliance, Alpari is in no way inhibited by such restrictions. Therefore, they are capable of offering a bigger bonus to its users, even though it may lead to conflicts. The absence of any reasonable offer for your deposit may be a deterrent to opening an account at the broker, but you can still fancy your chances by signing up with a small investment.

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